Democrat or Republican.....

....I think we all can agree the Ann Romney's speech was passionate, loving and POWERFUL.

I'm not a big political follower and wasn't watching the conference when this aired, but my husband was and encouraged me to watch it. I found myself moved with love for her and all human beings.

My husband said that reporters are saying that this speech is THE BEST speech EVER given by a republican woman. My response: "Maybe all of the other woman didn't have as much faith and belief in their spouse as Ann Romney has in Mitt's abilities to do what she says he'll do. Maybe all though other Presidents are were good President's they weren't the same man at home as a husband & father as they were politicians and Mitt is, therefore Ann can speak so strongly because it's true. Maybe Ann believes so passionately about Mitt Romney because she's the only one that truly knows what he's capable of and knows without a doubt that he can succeed if given the chance."

Democrat or Republican this is a great speech for all women, I hope we can agree on that.

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  1. Did you take the challenge and also listen to Mrs. Obama's? You should probably be balanced right?