working PEACE

Punky says "Mom why are you so happy?"
I say "I don't know, because I'm being a good mom and working."
Let me paint the picture. Taz is playing Wii (having a great time and I am helping him from time to time). Punky is doing her homework all by herself (a miracle). The Rock is sleeping and has been all day with a high fever. Spunky at a friends house (a rare occurrence at our house also a miracle). Heman is off saving the world in Jersey. I am busy helping every one and working at the same time. I felt great, I felt at PEACE with all the different pieces of our lives.
For me being productive and accomplishing tasks is magical. It makes me feel alive and powerful. Although I totally hated that the Rock was sick, I also wasn't feeling guilty about doing everything else and not playing therapy for him. I didn't have to fix dinner because no one cared if we had it until later. Every one's needs and desires were met and I was guilt free, MIRACLE.........PEACE!


  1. That is an awesome moment. These moments come and go it is always nice when you can recognize one and soak it in a little.

  2. Carpe diem. Seize the day. You are doing so well. It's hard to see how well you are doing because you're in the middle of it. But remember that your job is the most important on earth and you're doing it beautifully!