Thank YOU help!!

We are all blessed in different ways. Many of you may not feel blessed when you have people come stay with you or even move in, but for me it brings peace. Yes, life changes a bit. You can't go running around naky any more, but really who does that any way? Well I know who does and be careful I might name names.
We have been blessed to have our brother come live with us. This man is a wonderful person with so much love within he has to share it with all of us. We had been begging him for years (it seemed like) to move in but it wasn't the time until now. Now we are so happy to have him with us and hope he stays for a while. We hope all the crazy pieces of our lives don't chase him away......because honestly sometimes I'm ready to run away. (don't worry I don't go very far :)
I hope you can find peace with some of the different ways you are blessed. Thanks Bro for bringing peace into our lives.


  1. Its about time! That is great news.

  2. You totally walk around nakey... admit it!

  3. So glad Nathan could help. It makes him happy to help. Happy for all of you.