young women WHAT?!?

Last night Heman got to sit down to dinner with Punky and Spunky, who turn 10 and 8 this month. While eating they started talking about life and both the girls expressed a desire to one day serve an LDS mission so they can be the right girl for the right guy, SOMEDAY! Heman was blown away by their mature atitudes and while explaining this to me said "They are such wonderful young women." To that I replied in my head "Not so fast, they aren't near womanhood yet, RIGHT?" I think they are closer than I want to except most days, but I have to agree that some how a little bit of the good things we are teaching them is seaping into their brains. I love these girls!!!


  1. They are wonderful girls! I love those pics. So gorgeous! Hope they don't start dating anytime soon.

  2. those are super cute pictures, I'm really kicking myself in the butt for not doing the photo shoot