liTTle VaMPirE

It is common place in our house to be bitten by the little vampire. Last night I went downstairs with the fam and Heman asked if I saw his head. I teased and said no and started laughing because his eye brow was red and swollen with bite marks. The day before, I ended up with a black and blue bruise. You might be saying to yourself don't let him do that, well I say DUH!!! I would stop him if I could, but this kid is SO fast in every aspect. The Rocks' therapists have said that they will be excited when he bites them, because then they would have really bonded. If you find yourself with a bite of love, consider yourself a LUCKY person.


  1. I can totally relate to the biting thing. Jake was quite the biter. In fact, he would go to hug me and the latch on to my neck just like a vampire. I was scary and crazy sometimes. My poor girls and my therapists were lucky recipients as well. I am glad that we have moved on from those days.