easter tender mercies

All holidays the last 6mo have brought anxiety and sadness for me when it comes to the Rock. His inability to understand what is going on or even wanting to be apart of any party is difficult. I want so badly to be with all of my children and yet he wants to be by himself. So this Easter was approaching quickly with a little bit of dread and yet when it came it came with JOY. Porter woke everyone up at 5:30am and everyone was excited to find goodies, but the Rock was still sleeping and I let him sleep. The Rock sleeping was a tender mercy for us, because I didn't have to be pulled between my little ones. The Rock was able to rest and join us when he was ready and Heman and I were able to participate with the older ones and their happiness. Keeping on the sleeping theme...... Isaac is always a fun kid to hang out with and enjoy, even though he has an bottomless stomach. This stomach cause much of my exhaustion and as I have to battle the never ending opening of refrigerator and pantry. After two days I was tired, so on the third day when Brig was leaving I was worried, but God gave me a tender mercy (picture of isaac asleep on the lazyboy) at 6pm, just as priesthood mtg. was starting.

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