tides of life

sorry it's been so long for those of you who may actually read this. i love this picture. it gives me so much peace. taz without any cares in the world but the seagulls stealing his chips. i have been just awestruck by the many tides in life. just when the life is calm and clear a wave comes up and the tide pulls you in a different direction. the only constant is our faith and family. how blessed we are to have these two wonderful gifts to keep us from drifting out to no return. i am so grateful for my knowledge that there is a plan of happiness and we are here to have joy, to learn, and to return to a loving Heavenly Father. this knowledge is what keeps me going when the tide has come in and the waves are crashing. we are really enjoying florida and the friends we have made. we miss our loved ones who are far away and pray we will see you soon.

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