father's day is a funny day to me. mother's day is a day set aside for peace and escape from the day to day responsibilities and father's day is the day for the father to just be the DAD! they have the responsibility to play all day with the kids! this is just my interpretation. i feel that my children and i are blessed to have such amazing men in our lives. Brigham is an incredible father. we are grateful for his love and dedication to take care of all of us. our happiness is his first priority and it continually amazes me. he is a wonderful companion, father and friend who blesses our lives daily. we are grateful for our fathers who taught us piggy one a motion, to pick our nose, to read, to love the gospel and especially the one who knows everything! we wouldn't be who we are now without you teaching us all the time. the one that is there whenever we need you, ready to listen and give thoughtful or no advice. we are so thankful for the love that comes from all of you. thank you for your example.

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