Hope, It's All Special

Life is funny. As little kids we imagine our lives in the future. We create dreams, goals and ideas that we HOPE will be our reality. We learn from others what we want and don't want. We plan and prepare for all of our dreams to come true. We believe that we are on the right track as things fall into place and we make the right decisions in order to accomplish our goals. And then...

You're hit by a 2x4 (literally or figuratively) and our reality we dreamed of and planned on is no longer available to us in its entirety. It's changed somehow. Maybe you planned to be be married with 5 kids, two dogs and live on a farm, but you find out after your first baby you can't have any more. Maybe you planned to go to NYC and enjoy single life in the city, but instead while in NY you meet the love of your life and follow his dreams. Maybe life is just the way you planned when you get hit by a car while on your bike and your hopes turn into a fight for your life. 

In my life I feel like I've gone through a few of these reality altering experiences. Some of them I've welcomed and some of them I've handled like a two year old throwing a tantrum. Believe me when I say it's a lot easier to accept than resist because no matter what it is what it is. In my experience the life that is waiting for us to accept is better than what we hoped for. 

The Rock's diagnosis with autism has been one of these experiences and all my hopes and dreams for my sweet baby boy changed. My hopes and dreams for my son became simplified. My hopes for him became what most every other child takes for granted. My hope for my son is that one day I'll be able to have a conversation, a simple answer to a simple question like: 
Me "How was your day?" 
Him "It was good."
Me "I love you, buddy."
Him "I love you too, Mom."
This will be the most amazing conversation I will ever have in my life. 

My HOPE's for the Rock have become a belief, which I think are even stronger than hope. I BELIEVE that my son will one day talk with me, understand more than he does now and will be successful in the life he is meant to have. I don't know how this will all happen but because of my HOPE and BELIEF in him I continue to fight for him, work for him and accept the miracles that occur daily, you never know when it will all become our reality. 

What do you hope for? How do you keep your hopes alive? 


  1. I adore you and HOPE all the happiness you deserve in this life for you girl!!

  2. what a sweet post, I especially love the first quote about letting go of the life you had planned. ;)

  3. I love how you turned your hopes into beliefs! I need to remember to be better at that... thank you for sharing!

  4. Can I just say that you continue to inspire me to want to be better. You are amazing. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and gifts with us all. My hope is to one day, see my daughter, Alexandra again. To hold and snuggle, play, and laugh with her. I do enjoy every minute I have with my 4 other beautiful children, But how even not having one of them near me makes me miss her even more. I am blessed with the knowledge that if I live right, I will be with her again and my family forever. This is what gives me hope and strength, peace and light. Michelle Hilton