you know you're a M.O.M. when......

....time for YOU is at the bottom of the To Do list.
I know, I know some of you may be saying you do things for your self a lot and yes I do take some time to put my feet up and soak up the sun.

The thing is if you don't take time to do the everyday simple things like eating, showering, working out and putting on makeup, then the get aways, mommy time-outs may not be as much fun or as 
rejuvenating . As it turns out I am actually a lot happier and way more productive if I do these simple things. If I do these simple things I will also be healthier and stronger and that is what makes me better.

I can say yes to a child, husband, friend and possibly even foe before I say YES TO ME. 
I know I've learned this lesson before and I don't think that long ago, but here I am hoping that it's not just me and I can encourage YOU to say yes to you too.
This post is not intended to endorse selfishness! It's just a reminder to put the oxygen mask on me first so that I have all that I need to take care of those the Lord needs me to serve. 

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