Time = Peace

As Spunky and Punky turn the ripe old age of 10 and 12 I can't help but look back at time and realize how fast it goes by. When I was in the trenches of them being little I thought the day would never come when I would have a moment of Peace.

Now they are growing up so fast I cry every time I think about it....so I don't! I have decided to live in denial and believe that they will Never grow up past 12. After 12 it all goes crazy, right?  
Punky told me last night that she was going to be a good teenager and make me proud. (after she heard on the news that teenagers were drinking hand sanitizer to get drunk, luckily she thought that was stupid!)
My girls are amazing young woman with incredible talents. Spunky can belt out a song at the top of her lungs at any given moment and fall in love with 10 ten boys in a day. Punky and can climb the tallest tree (just like Katniss) and has the loving heart of an angel. Time as given me the Peace to treasure these two gifts from above.


  1. So true about time going by so fast... I cry every time I see pictures of the first time i held them or all their little first milestones in their lives. Thanks for sharing. Love your blog and cant wait to meet you at Breathing Space.
    xo. Ani

  2. Your girls are adorable! I am so glad I found your blog and I can't wait to meet you at the Breathing Space retreat!
    Modern Modest Beauty

  3. So - I'm in those trenches. I'm feeling like every second in my home is chaos. I appreciate this post and reminder that i need to keep my priorities straight and enjoy the years my kids are little. Thanks for this :)