seeking help

Just this last week I have received two phone calls with loved ones of children with autism seeking help. My heart hurts for them as they are struggling with what to do and where to go. I know this feeling all to well. Right after my son was diagnosed with autism and my two daughters diagnosed with learning disabilities I felt lost and like I was drowning in a sea of information I couldn't figure out what was the best thing for all of my babies. There is no one way for every child, they are all different and what works for one does NOT always work for the other. I had to learn to follow my mother's intuition more than ever before and believe that I was the only person that knew what was best for them, no matter what anyone else told me.
Motherhood for me comes with a lot of guilt and wondering that I screwed them up. I have to remember all the time that I am doing the best I can and one day hopefully it will be enough. I love this quote.....
"If you're a good mom 60% of the time YOU ARE A GOOD MOM!" I figure feeding, bathing, clothing, playing takes up more than 60% of the day so...........I AM A GOOD MOM and so ARE YOU!
Because I've had these phone calls I've decided to add a few of the sites and places that have made my life with autism a little easier. Look to the right.


  1. I am a good mom i am a good mom i am a good mom i am a good mom....something we all need to remind ya Cobi..YOU ARE A GOOD MOM!

  2. What a great piece! I too have children with a range of special needs, and have fielded my share of phone calls from friends, and friends of friends that are dealing with new diagnosis or are plagued with issues and don't know where to turn. You are right, there is not one way to mother, or mother a child with a special need. Our desire to do our best and help our children achieve their goals makes a good mom's. Thanks! I'm now happily following!