Finding PEACE......

I'm so grateful a friend called in June and asked me to go on a girls trip to Mexico with her. It was such a good deal I couldn't pass it up. Little did I know that by the time October got here I would need to go more than ever. Heman was gone most of September, the big kids were off track and I was trying to be with my parents at the hospital as much as possible. I wish I could have taken everyone I know with me (except for kids) because everyone deserves the PEACE of the bright sun, the sound of the ocean waves breaking and all you can eat and drink being served to you all day.
I thought I was going to come home to a husband that was worshiping the ground I walk on after realizing all I do........nope. :) It seemed as if it was no big deal and it was a piece of cake, when I said this to him he laughed and said "Yep, super easy!"(with sarcasm) I think everyone was happy I was home. I was rested and ready to be home.
A friend asked if the Rock missed me, I said I wasn't sure. As I took him off the bus that day and he hugged me tight, she said "Oh he did, he didn't hug any one else like that when they picked him up." That made my day. I don't let myself wonder if the Rock knows I'm his mom and all that that implies or if he loves me, because he can't tell me or call me mom. But acknowledgments like that from my friend help me see how much I mean to him.
When I told Heman about this, he said "I didn't want to make you cry so I didn't tell you that everyday when we got home the Rock would go look all over the house and I'm pretty sure he was looking for you." Who knows, but I like it!

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  1. As much as us Moms hate to admit it, it feels great to get some time away from all the craziness in life. I am so glad that you got this time. I know that you put forth so much into the lives of everyone around you it is great to see you give yourself some TLC too.