Pieces of Peace

I came up with my blog name, life motto, personal mission statement, Peace from Pieces, about a year or so ago when I was so overwhelmed with all the different Pieces of my life. I realized I needed to find Peace within these different pieces, hence Peace from Pieces. Even though I can look at life through different lenses, per say, and have a positive attitude, I still haven't felt long periods of Peace, something I so desperately long for. Once I am finally able to come up for breath the next mountain to climb comes almost instantly. UGH! I recently was inspired with the thought that I needed to hold on to the small Pieces of Peace I felt and
combine these together to create longer
lasting Peace and overshadow the
mountains I'm climbing. The quote above came at such a perfect time. I have made Peace with myself and now feel like I can take on the world. I don't know where Taz got this Peace sign idea, but I loved it. It's not like I walk around all the time talking about Peace and flashing "the" sign to everyone, I guess it goes to show sometimes we communicate in more ways than words.

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  1. Lady you bring so much peace to my life. I am overwhelmed with love for you! Thanks for showing me peace.