with the Colorado cuzins. :) Earth Day was celebrated at the aquarium and finished off with watching African Cats on the big screen. It was a fun filled weekend with exploring the snow filled mountains and spotting Big Foot! We EXHAUSTED the children by swimming, playing chase, jumping, ultimate frisbee and their endless imaginary adventures! Aunt D of course exhausted her self by suppling us with endless gourmet meals and incredible hospitality as always. It is always a treat to visit our Colorado family. Easter day was lots of fun as you can see by the picture. By 3pm and right as we all sat down to dinner, the Rock sat up to the table to fill his belly. After one chicken nugget he laid his head down and fell asleep. He stayed in this position all through dinner and then was placed else where to sleep. So PEACEful!


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  2. Precious boy. Lovely photo. Thanks for posting and keeping up updated.