socially grOWING

We are so grateful that the Rock has older siblings that he can learn from. A year ago he paid no attention to what they were doing. He had no interest in doing what they were doing and NOW.....
Last week Taz had a friend over and they were playing star wars and the Rock followed them all over the house, from top to bottom for about a half hour. He didn't engage in their game, but followed them and watched what they were doing.....he was learning!!!
At different times I will find the Rock pulling or following Taz and I love it! It's so much fun to see them interacting like typical siblings every once in awhile.
For a little while now he has been playing swords with us. He asks Spunky for rides down the stairs by bringing the sleeping bag to her. He pulls us by the hand to play chase and does the tickling motion to ask for tickles.
continuing to grow......


  1. That is a really cool story! I love to hear his progress. Keep up the good work. Love ya Cobi!

  2. You are doing a great job of helping him grow and learn.