what to say.....

to any parent or person. "How are you doing?" This says it all, it says you care and it allows them to answer if they want to. Don't be offended if they don't share with you, sometimes its just too hard. If they do share and you want to help, ask if there is a way to help or just let them know that if they do need you, you will be available. Then when they call be available! I and everybody realizes no one is perfect and that we all say things that hurt sometimes without even knowing it. Hopefully these last two posts will help you and me not say something that can hurt. I am sure I have and will in the future, for that I ask your forgiveness now and please know I am not trying to hurt you.

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  1. Well, How are you? Just kidding not the time or place, but I completely agree. I really need to work on the part about not worrying about someone not telling me what is going on. I have a very bad insatiable appetite to know what is going on with everyone and really It is not MY place. I am always here for you!