ShoCk and AwE!!!

We are so excited to have so much more help for the Rock between the new sensory class twice a week, EI therapist, and our new found love Autism Journeys. Everyone is wonderful and we finally feel like we are on top of Autism and not standing around wondering what it will do next. Today was awesome! I went to pick him up from his sensory class and got there early to see a miracle....the Rock sitting in a chair watching the teacher all by himself! I know this sounds like not much but they said he sat there for most of circle time. This is huge for his attention awareness. I love new little things that are actually little miracles for us. He has started coming to me and reaching for me to pick him up. This too is a new miracle and although I wish I new what he wanted when I did it, I love that he wants me (even if only for a second before he goes somewhere else). I am amazed all the time by how much he understands (when I say hot on the stove, when Daddy comes home, when he's poopy(he always finds me, sometimes the only time he comes to find me). But then he doesn't understand that (when all the lights are off and everyone is leaving the room it's time to leave, when I ask him if he wants a drink or something to eat, that climbing on the tallest thing in the room is very dangerous and the list goes on.) Everyday is a new day with new highs and lows...I know it's called life but a little different and something we are still learning about for us and the Rock.


  1. The Rock is amazing. It is awesome to watch him learn and grow.

  2. it amazes me that so many people feel that because a child is autistic that he or she does not understand the things around them or has the ability to adapt and learn. He just has to learn a different way and it will probably take ten time longer or more effort to absorb the things he does need to learn. Just because they seem like they aren't understanding, or just because they aren't looking at you doesn't mean they dont understand you. They know. Also he is still young. I've never worked with kids his age so i'm not expert. But he will learn, and he understands or will learn to understand. I read a short but interesting article in this months People magazine about a family and early intervention in autism. Might be inspirational.