Any One? Any One?

is any one else totally sick of hearing how awful living here in utah is on the radio. i was listening today after already deciding to give up one radio station and now i have to give up another because i just keep hearing how awful mormons are and how mean and judgmental everyone (mormons) is in utah. i love living here. utah is so incredible and i love the people. no matter where you live there are people you have to learn to love. i believe it's all about your attitude and which way you choose to look at it. this thinking led me to think about how as a mormon i let others do all the talking instead of standing tall and being the leader that i should be as a mormon. this is my charge to all reading LET'S DO SOMETHING!!! write an e-mail, make a phone call, find out about who's running for office, vote for who you believe in, STAND TALL. any one? any one? if you want to take this charge let me know.


  1. We talked about this today, but i just had to re-iterate that i completely hate people bashing Utah. Myself being on outsider of the predominate faith I sometimes can find myself agreeing that I don't feel so connected anymore, but I also know that a lot of this is my fault. I tend to be a loner and stay in my house rather than venture out and talk with others, yet I expect to be invited to anything that the rest of the neighborhood is. Kind of a double standard I know. I love where we live and the people make up a lot of the make-up of our state. It would not be such a great place without all the mormons.

  2. Easier said than done, but you just can't let people's negativity bother you (that is coming from the seemingly desguised pessimist who is really an optimist - I just hate disappointment) Like the saying, "the squeakiest wheel gets the grease", it is totally true and for some weird reason it is much more interesting to listen to controversy than pure bliss - people can't take sides if you just go on and on about how amazing something tend to just agree. Where's the fun in that?