Summer Lovin'

Cali friends are in town this week! we took them up to the mountains for brunch and a nature walk. The girls and taz all found stumps for pictures to be taken. It took at a good hour to walk a mile because they wanted their pictures taken every three feet. Punky also found a new love for photography, thank you Mr. Chico.
triathlon season is almost over, this was number 4, a magic number for both of us this race was a true test of mental ability for me and i made it, #1
Water time! taz ran away to the garden sprinklers. I'm not sure if this is secondary water or not (hope not)! Yesterday this happend again and I figured if you can't beat them join them.
first time on the lake, we've only lived here 2 yrs


  1. you guys are soooo adventurous... sometimes i feel like with kids, i can't do anything, but you guys just seem to make it happen... I still cannot believe you guys do those triatholons...your NUTS

  2. Looks like you guys are having a blast! Tell Cat we say hi! oh and we had a great time...Saturday was fun, thanks!

  3. I love your blog! Its very cute. I need to do more with mine but I'm still learning and finding time to work on it. Anyway, Its very cute and I'm happy you put this all together so we can see your cute family grow and all the adventures you take together. Love you ,Veronica

  4. i want to go! i miss you tons, can't wait to see you soon!