GLAD 2015

My one little word for 2015 is...
This word, GLAD, has been stuck in my head for the last month or so but I didn't think it would be my word until last week when it all came together and I decided I wanted to play The Glad Game all year! 

I know and have always known that life is not easy, however I didn't think that some days would be so hard. I have always believed life could be amazing and still do. Now I just accept that every joy has it's equal and opposite amount of sorrow.

2014 was a year of accepting a lot of hard things. I realized I'm good at always looking forward to better days but not necessarily being happy in my difficult trials and was just waiting for it to be over so I could then be happy. When trials start with hours and turn into days and months and sometime years you can't wait to be happy. You've got to find happiness in the moment and sometimes even gratitude for it. (Did I just say that. Ugh! Haha) I've read many times this last year about how we should be grateful for our trials and I've had mixed feelings about it. I'm not grateful for all my trials. Some of them have strengthened me and others have torn me to pieces. It is the latter ones that are the most difficult to let go and be grateful for. But this year I want to choose how I react to the difficult moments in my life. Even if they last awhile they are still moments and pieces of our lives not all encompassing unless we let it become so. 

This year I'm going to play The Glad Game, yep the very one Pollyanna taught us to play so many years ago. I have done this a few times mostly with sarcasm and it always lifts my spirits. This year I will still use sarcasm because it's a riot but I will also look for sincere things to be glad about even in my dark hours. I would LOVE for you to play with me, sarcasm and all. Wouldn't it be amazing if the world was a little bit more GLAD because we all play this game together. Join me! Use the hashtag 
and tag me in your posts so we can all be glad together. 

I wish you all the gladness in the world. 

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