Sinterklaas Family Tradition

I love family traditions!!! Dec 5th is Sinterklaas in Holland and ever since I was a little girl my parents have celebrated this holiday in their own special way.
I'm so glad that this tradition didn't die when all of us girls got married and left the house. It gives us even more opportunities to enjoy each other.
Traditions are SO important and as families change our traditions sometimes change, but the more traditions you keep the stronger your family stays.
As our families have broken off from extended family gatherings it's been heart breaking to me, because when you don't have the tradition to encourage you to go, life gets in the way and its harder to set time aside even though you love all of your family.
Thank you Mom and Dad for keeping the traditions alive and strong even when it's hard. It means the world to all of us.

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  1. We missed you all this year. It is hard to be away when these things happen, but we love you so!!! Glad you still had fun. XOXO