times change, WHY?

At this time of war against M.O.M.s I wander why we have evolved to SUPER MOM?

Throughout time moms have had "help" be it wet nurses, nannies, governesses, etc.  Now I am in NO way saying that the "help" was always rightfully compensated or morally justified, but the actual "help" I agree with, WHY oh WHY did it go away? Why am I expected to raise well groomed, accomplished, intelligent, inspiring young beings ALL on my own? Maybe this is why children are so difficult in this day and age because us parents are out numbered? AND expected to be SUPER and to use all of our talents and resources to "Make the world a better place, for you and for me and the entire human race"?

Here's my solution.....bring back "The Brady Bunch Alice" (without judgement from my neighbors, friends or acquaintances about why can't I do it on my own house) as the normal standard of life, what do you think?
You know The Brady Bunch days where nothing terrible ever happened. haha


  1. I'd DIE of happiness with a Brady Bunch Alice.

  2. Sounds good to me! I've actually started paying my sister to come over two days a week to help with cleaning and the kids. So worth the money. It takes a village to raise a child, right?