Zipper Miracle

Yep, the Rock has figured out how to hold onto the zipper. YAY! I was so happy when I helped him put his coat on last night and he grabbed for the zipper. This fine motor skill is difficult to grasp not only this tiny little thing, but also the idea of what it does. I started jumping up and down with my little guy and the whole family was cheering. ;) Yes, tears came to my eyes then and now as I am so grateful for this zipper miracle.
I am also very grateful for the school the Rock attends. I owe all zipper credit to them, as they have taught the Rock his routine at school and they help him do up and down his zipper everyday.
The little progress that the Rock makes gives me so much Peace in my soul.

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  1. A series of miracles! Thank you for sharing the steps along the journey.