On His Own

The magic of potato heads! The Rock really likes potato heads and it is the only toy that I have found that he will let me PRETEND with him. We build the potato head with all the features and then together we make them jump, dance, sleep, walk and kiss. It's awesome! The Rock is really good at physical, chasing, tickling play, most others we are just beginning to be able to do together and for him to want to do it.
Along with this has come a whole new level of understanding. I now feel and know that the Rock is comprehending a lot of what we are saying and telling him to do.
He can help put his shoes on and can take off his clothes (when told to, not just when he wants to). These are simple things that mean a great deal to us.
He is talking (sounds) a lot more, instead of stimming with his voice. More words are coming and we are so excited! We are so proud of the Rock and are so grateful for all the love and support we are given by so many. These simple pieces that give us PEACE.


  1. It was so great to have him say BBye and give me a high five yesterday. I love him to pieces! Watching him advance is so awesome.