6 months LaTeR....

I can't believe that it has been since months since the Rock was diagnosed with Autism. The intial overload hasn't totally worn off but has become smaller. When I first took the Rock to see the doctor I felt like I was loosing my son, today I feel like I am a part of his world. EVERYDAY miracles happen at our house, I think they probably happen at yours too, it's all in how and what you see as a miracle. To us miracles include: *the girls wanting to read the scriptures or read at all *Taz not going to timeout *the Rock eating!!! (just eating anything is good) *Punky enjoying school *Spunky saying she's smart *the boys playing together *the Rock following/understanding any direction *the Rock crying when we leave him *Taz playing and learning *the Rock pointing for something he wants There are so many others, but the simple things ARE the tender mercies and miracles sent from heaven above. ***disclaimer I write this to remind me of my blessings, it's way to easy to get caught up in all that is needed, I prefer to see the miracles (right now anyway).

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